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Welcome to FirmaMent NZ. FirmaMent is an organic road stabilising enzyme which creates a dense road base resistant to water, weathering, erosion and wear.  The treatment  is environmentally safe and completely harmless to plants, animals and humans, is non-toxic and non flammable. Whether you need a cow lane for moving stock or a road that can stand up to the punishment of heavy machinery, FirmaMent is a cost effective, highly versatile roading solution. FirmaMent can be laid on almost all soil types.

FirmaMent is being used in the USA, Asia and New Zealand to create low maintenance sustainable roads that can stand up equally well to snowy winters and baking heat. If you’d like to know more about FirmaMent and what it can do for you, then please click here.

If you’d like to use FirmaMent in your project or you have any questions then click here to contact us now.