Cow Lanes



FirmaMent (FM) is an organic stabilising enzyme with with a proven history of durability, ideal for cow lanes.

The FM enzyme system creates a dense road base resistant to water, weathering, erosion and wear. The treatment is environmentally safe and completely harmless to plants, animals and humans. It’s non-toxic and non-flammable. The impermeable base will remain solid and stable, preventing damage from water action. An FM road or lane will not need any significant maintenance as the FM layer remains durable for approximately fifteen years after being laid, the only upkeep required is the removal of dung from time to time.  The lanes are usable all year round in any kind of weather and a completed lane can be open for normal traffic within a day or two of being put into place.

The FM system works well with in a wide range of climates, and is currently in use everywhere from the high rainfall jungles of Malaysia to the freezing cold winters of Minnesota USA. When laying down an FM road the enzyme needs to be mixed with somewhere between twenty and thirty per cent clay fines, with South Island clays proving to be especially compatible with the FM enzyme.

When creating a cow lane the use of a soil mixer or rock crusher is ideal as using the FM enzyme as the enzyme base eliminates problems with rock mixers as the rock is locked into the clay fines and granular material. This results in a smoother, hardier surface. A cow walking at normal speed generates around ten tonnes of pressure per square metre, this is a lot of strain to put on any surface, however FM lanes will carry loads of up to two hundred and thirty seven tonnes per square metre, covering the weight bearing needs of a cow lane many times over.


Restoration of cow lanes and races

Do you need to refresh, restore or resurrect your old cow lanes? FirmaMent can take your old lime rock, rotten rock and clay cowlanes and turn them into a durable, hoof friendly surface with the same organic stabiliser we use on new lanes. Restoring old cow lanes and races is extremely cost effective as there is no need to truck in new material as we can use the old lane as part of the new one. The FirmaMent surface is long lasting, quick to set up and helps prevent cow lameness.

The process is simple:


First we take up the old lane with grader rippers:

SouthlandAug14andMyFarmRkia experiment 011


Then we add in the FirmaMent Enzyme from a tanker:

Dorie lane Jun2014 033


Once the enzyme has been applied the lane is mixed and crushed:

RkiaTceRd Jul14 135


After mixing and crushing is complete the lane is reshaped with a grader:

Dorie lane Jun2014 061



Finally the new lane is compacted with a roller:

Dorie lane Jun2014 074


The new surface is ready to use within a few days and requires very little maintenance:

Dorie lane Jun2014 077  RkiaTceRd Jul14 138

Other uses

Firmament can be used for treating clays used as liners in effluent and water storage ponds. Laboratory testing has shown FM treated ponds exceed accepted permeability standards.

Firmament can also be used for above ground tank foundation pads, horse arenas and all weather tanker tracks.


If you are interested in replacing or renovating existing problem cow lanes or creating new lanes please contact:


Patrick Egden – SBL Firmament Ltd.

Phone 03 351 8017 or 0274 383 226

Email: Patrick Egden

Mail: SBL Firmament Ltd, 223 Wairakei Road, Christchurch 8053