FirmaMent is widely used in Asia as an ecologically sound, high speed and durable roading solution. Where traditional roading can take many weeks to properly prepare and install, several kilometers of road using FirmaMent can be up and running in just a few days. FirmaMent has been utilized in Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia and works perfectly in the high heat, high humidity climates.

Below is an example of a recent two kilometer stretch of road built in Laos in just two days using the FirmaMent system. The road is a heavy duty highway constructed in Vang Vieng on 18-19 March 2015.  The FirmaMent layer is comprised of 50 percent crushed AP40 rock and the soil is laterite.  The layer is 25 cm thick and comprises the sub-base and base layer which will later be sealed with a wearing surface of chipseal (double layer).  The road is expected to last a minimum of 20 years with no maintenance of the FM layer and only minimal maintenance of the wearing surface. 



This is the first FirmaMent road built in Laos.  Once this is sealed, the government plans to specify that FirmaMent be used in all of their repairs and new roads.   FM saves them about 50 percent by limiting rock to 50% as opposed to the previous 80% rock solutions that have been used. Once sealed the new road will require little to no maintenance despite the high rainfall present in the area.

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