Why Choose FirmaMent?




  • It’s cost effective: When combined with a seal coat of asphalt or chip rock, FirmaMent is approximately just 25% of the cost of a normal road. This is because local soil is used in the construction process instead of trucking in aggregate as required by traditional road construction. FirmaMent bases do not need rock sub-bases or any rock additions.
  • It’s low maintenance: Typically a FirmaMent road will not require any significant maintenance, depending on road use. The FirmaMent layer remains durable for approximately fifteen years and many years longer with when sealed with chip seal or asphalt. Typically the only maintenance needed is a yearly grading of the surface to skim away loose material.
  • Minimise interruptions: FirmaMent roads can be built without stopping traffic.
  • It’s long lasting: FirmaMent creates a dense road base resistant to water, weathering, erosion and wear. FirmaMent roads are semi rigid, do not crack or settle and ‘float’ over  soft areas.
  • It’s environmentally safe: Completely harmless to plants, animals and humans, non-toxic and non flammable.
  • The simple application: Apsara provide long term technical support on site. This means they can train workers/contractors on the method of application and use of sealants, and help with improved road designs.
  • Its high load bearing capacity: Able to bear up to fifteen tonnes per axle, FirmaMent layers have consistent high density and particle bonding (cementation). Penetrometer tests show greater than twenty two tonnes per square foot and higher angles of friction in FirmaMent layers regardless of soil characteristics. CBR values are increased well beyond normal requirements; from  60 to 130.
  • It’s versatile: FirmaMent works with nearly all soils except pure beach sand and high organic content peat. FirmaMent has proven results with high content clay soils, granular soils and most mixes of these two soil types.


FirmaMent vs Traditional Road Construction